During the level 3 protocol, at week 20, we recommend you start identifying where you might be leaking in speed. We created this so you can work on your individual weaknesses to personalize and optimize your speed training. SuperSpeed’s 3 major components of speed are ground forces, sequencing, and lag. We have created manual tests to measure each component to determine if you need to implement an ASD protocol into your training program once per week.

  1. Test for each component of speed using the manual tests described below.
  2. For each test you fail, implement the ASD protocol one day per week. Continue to perform level 3 protocol for the remaining 2 days per week. Once you pass the test you can stop performing the ASD protocol.
  3. If you fail more than one test, start with ASD-1 protocol and then once you pass that test you can move onto implementing ASD-2 and then ASD-3 protocols.

Half-Swing Club Speed Test

Set the radar up in line with ball position, move it 2 inches behind the ball and angle it toward the trail foot. Hit 5-10 balls with a driver using a half swing. A half swing is where your lead arm is parallel to the ground.

If your club speed isn’t within 7% you need to work on your rotational sequencing by replacing one training session per week with the ASD2 Rebound protocol. You can stop performing this ASD protocol when you pass the test.

Safety Guidelines

Please follow these safety guidelines when training with SuperSpeed Golf:

  • Always warm up before training
  • Do NOT hit the ground
  • Switch your grip when changing from dominant to non-dominant sides
  • Always swing towards open space, hitting net or driving range
  • Do not perform more than 3 days per week
  • Take one full rest day between sessions



Click here to download the protocol visual