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Can an Amateur gain 30 yards in 3 weeks?!

Can an Amateur gain 30 yards in 3 weeks?!

Me and My Golf 30 Yards Longer!

The Team at Me and My Golf take an average Golfer Andy through a 3 week training program where they look to help him increase his drives by 30 yards! Sounds crazy right? With the right approach, it might not be as hard as you think! 


During the first week they ran Andy through a baseline speed test and started to talk about a few technical swing changes. At the end of the session they ran Andy through the Level 1 SuperSpeed protocol.  Andy’s week #1 baseline driver speed before training was 96.6 mph. During training Andy really showed his potential to gain speed by reaching a top speed of 127.6 with the green SuperSpeed club; a fantastic start to increasing his speed! The SuperSpeed protocol really gave Andy the feeling of how to swing with speed! The thing we really like about the approach Me and My Golf took is that they combined technical cues with speed training. When working on technique, do not worry about speed. Focus on the technical change you are trying to make. When working with SuperSpeed, don't worry about the technique and use the time to train your body and nervous system to move as fast as possible. Please note that in an ideal scenario we recommend training SuperSpeed and mechanics at separate times. For example, if you are going to the driving range to work on your swing, complete the SuperSpeed training at home or earlier in the day to provide some time in between.

See below some of the highlights of Andy’s journey!



During week #2, Andy saw a nice jump to 98.8 mph in his baseline speeds leading to the comment “It feels easier to get higher speeds now”! The Me and My Golf Team also pointed out how the turf was starting to wear down during the SuperSpeed training, highlighting his ability to use the ground to generate speed. Improving ground reaction forces is a huge opportunity for the average golfer. If you hit a basket of balls at the driving range and afterwards you don’t see any type of wear in the grass, you might have a power leak in your feet! In the coming weeks we will be launching a YouTube Series “Find 10 yards in your feet” detailing this concept. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get the notifications when we release our first video! Similar to week 1, they also spent time working on Andy’s swing mechanics including his club path which again showed impressive results when combined with the SuperSpeed protocol.

During the final week of the series Andy achieved a new personal best of 100.3 mph with his driver. In three weeks Andy gained 3.7 mph which is right in line with what we see in most players who use SuperSpeed. After the first 6 week SuperSpeed protocol users average a gain of 5% and having gained almost 4% in the first 3 weeks, Andy is on track to beat this. In addition the Me and My Golf team looked at Andy’s current driver to see if they could combine his speed gains with a driver better suited for him to help him reach their goal of gaining 30 yards. After trying a few different combinations they found one that matched his speed and swing. This resulted in  a gain of over 28 yards in just 3 weeks! 

Congratulations to Andy on his new found speed and distance! 

Speed and Distance Gains Summary

Week #1 Driver, 96.6 mph

Week #2 Driver, 98.8 mph

Week #3 Driver, 100.3 mph

Baseline Driver Distance, 225.5 yards

Driver distance after 3 weeks, 253.8 yards

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