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Padraig Harrington trains with SuperSpeed Golf

Introducing the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO™ Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator

The ultimate tool to elevate your golf game to new heights. The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro with its cutting-edge technology, dual optical camera vision, and radar processing, this device offers precision accuracy that rivals the pros. Whether you're fine-tuning your swing or enjoying a round of golf simulation at one of 30,000+ courses, the MLM2PRO™ is your comprehensive golf companion.

Key Features:

  • Dual Optical Camera Vision + Radar Processing: The MLM2PRO™ combines dual optical camera vision with radar processing to provide unmatched precision and accuracy in capturing your swing data.
  • Shot Vision and Impact Vision: Enjoy multi-option swing replay with Shot Vision and Impact Vision, giving you a comprehensive view of your performance and helping you refine your technique.
  • 30,000+ Golf Courses: Immerse yourself in a world of golf with simulation at over 30,000 golf courses from around the globe. Experience the challenge of iconic courses without leaving your practice area.
  • 13 Metrics: The MLM2PRO™ offers a wealth of data, including 13 metrics to analyze your game thoroughly. Six of these metrics are measured, including essential factors like spin rate and spin axis.
  • Apple and Android Compatibility: Seamlessly connect to your mobile device, whether you're using Apple or Android, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all golf enthusiasts.
  • Rapsodo Combines: Elevate your training with Rapsodo Combines, which include 24 total shots, two approach targets, and one driver target. Tailor your practice sessions to focus on specific aspects of your game.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Functionality: Whether you're practicing indoors or taking your game outside, the MLM2PRO™ offers full functionality. Adapt to your surroundings and refine your skills in any setting.


  • Technology: Dual optical camera vision + radar processing
  • Swing Analysis: Shot Vision and Impact Vision
  • Course Simulation: 30,000+ golf courses
  • Metrics: 13 metrics, including 6 measured metrics (e.g., spin rate, spin axis)
  • Compatibility: Apple and Android devices
  • Rapsodo Combines: 24 total shots, 2 approach targets, 1 driver target
  • Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings

Your Gateway to Golf Excellence:

The MLM2PRO™ Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator is your ticket to becoming a better golfer. Whether you're honing your skills, analysing your swing, or immersing yourself in golf simulation, this device offers unparalleled accuracy and functionality. Join the ranks of elite golfers and elevate your game with MLM2PRO™.

Don't wait to take your golfing journey to the next level. Experience the power of precision, the thrill of simulation, and the satisfaction of improvement. Invest in your game with MLM2PRO™ today and make every swing count. Rapsodo – Where Precision Meets Performance.


Give the gift of speed to the golfer in your family or amongst your friends  and they will be grateful !

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