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Study: Golfers who did this 3x per week gained 6+ mph of clubhead spee

Study: Golfers who did this 3x per week gained 6+ mph of clubhead speed

LUKE KERR-DINEEN,, explains the exciting results of Dr. Tyler Standifird's study on Non Dominant Swings and why they are important to your speed regimen.

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An excerpt:

"The case study involved 10 golfers who had an average clubhead speed of 109 mph. Whereas in a previous study Standifird had golfers go through the company’s six-week level 1 training protocol — which involves making right-handed, left-handed, and step-swings — this time golfers were instructed to make only non-dominant side swings.

Right-handed golfers would swing the Superspeed sticks lefty 39 times, three times a week (and vice versa for lefty golfers). These golfers didn’t hit any golf balls except at the very start and end of the experiment, to measure its effects.


By the end of the six weeks, golfers had gained, on average, 6.4 miles per hour with their driver compared with their baseline test, measured at the start of the six weeks.

The reason for the increase, in a nutshell, was that making non-dominant sided swings appeared to improve golfers’ golf swing sequence, and specifically their lower body movement."

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